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Frequently Asked Questions:
How long does the initial consultation normally last?

We suggest that you schedule approximately an hour for the initial visit. When you schedule your new patient visit, we will mail or email your new patient paperwork to complete prior to your visit. Completing the paperwork before you come in for your initial visit can help prevent unnecessary wait times.

Can I continue past the initial 3-month period?

Yes, we realize that after the initial period, you may desire to lose additional weight. As long as you have maintained compliance and experienced results, our providers will continue to work with you until you have reached your goal/ideal body weight.


Can I combine a “sick” visit at ExpressCare with an AtLast program visit?

AtLast is a customized program designed exclusively to assist in achieving a healthy weight and cannot be combined with a visit for illness. You may be seen for your AtLast appointment and a sick appointment on the same day, but the two visits will be charged separately.

Can I participate in the AtLast program if I take other medications?

With very few exceptions, those who take other medications can participate in the AtLast program. During your initial visit, our physician will spend time with you discussing your health history and any circumstances that might prevent your participation in the program.

Are appetite suppressants prescribed?

Based on the findings of your consultation with the physician, a program will be customized to optimize your weight loss efforts. As part of the customization, our physician may prescribe FDA approved appetite suppressants and/or other medications that have been found to be effective for weight loss.


Does AtLast include a diet and exercise program?

Yes, diet and exercise are important components to any healthy weight loss plan. Our physician will go over a plan that best suits your needs and lifestyle. You will receive this during your initial visit. We will not require you to go to the gym, but once you start experiencing the positive benefits of our program you may find yourself being more active and full of life.

AtLast Medical Weight Loss is your solution to the challenge of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. We know weight loss is difficult and frustrating. Almost everyone, at some point in their life, benefits from a little help losing weight. Through our physician developed and monitored program, you will experience a safe and personalized support system designed just for you.

First, a physician will simply talk to you about your weight loss and health goals, as well as any past experiences with weight loss programs. Next, an assessment that includes a medical evaluation will be conducted to determine your overall health. Based on the findings of your conversation with a physician and a general health overview, a customized program will be developed to guide our partnership during your entire weight management journey.

AtLast Medical Weight Loss Provides:


• Complete consultation and medical evaluation including basic lab work.

• Appetite Control Medication - a prescription appetite suppressant will enhance your efforts to reach a healthy weight by decreasing your desire for food if medically safe and appropriate.

• Injection Therapy - a safe combination of energy-boosting B12, other B vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

• Calorie Reduction, Nutrition, and Exercise Counseling.


AtLast Medical Weight Loss will improve your overall health, not just your appearance.


Losing weight can lessen the many health risks that come with extra pounds including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more.

Take the first step toward a healthier, happier you. Call or contact us today.

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         AtLast Patient Forms:


Download and complete AtLast Patient Forms prior to your appointment to save some time.

If you are already a patient at Express Care or Medical Associates, you only need to complete the AtLast Patient Forms.


If you are not currently a patient of Express Care nor Medical
please complete the Express Care Patient Forms as well.

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How much does the program cost?
Initial Office Visit

(includes physician consultation, weight loss counseling, vital signs, lab work, EKG, and dietary consult)

Follow-up Visits
(required months two and three)
Weekly Injection
$ 65

$ 20
$ 85
$ 45
$ 20
$ 65
$ 20
Locally Owned & Operated    Highly Trained Staff    Most Insurances Accepted
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